Hi, my name is Antonio Triguero
I'm Data Sciencist.

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Principal Data Scientist | CTO at Correcto. | MSc Computer Vision

ex-IBM | Expert in Python and JavaScript

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Back-End & Data Science Utilities

At this project I build functions that can help me to my daily work. I include back-end utilities for different server frameworks and I am including some functions that can preprocess data and help to analyze and build models based on data.

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Robotic and Computer Vision Examples

This project includes two activities. First, a autonomous driving algorithm based on PID controller. It uses Gazebo simulator as environment and the algorithm is implemented with Python. The car that the algorithm should drive has one camera and it should extract and process information of the images for driving. The second project is about 3D reconstruction. The environment is a robot with a stereo camera system and the robot should reconstruct the scene based on epipolar geometry.

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Genetic Algorithm from Scratch

It is a initial approach to evolve algorithms. In this notebook, I build all neccessary functions data a genetic algorithm need and I test it for function maximazing.

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